Top 15 Wedding Bands in America

On November 26, 2012, NBC New York ran a story on the top 15 wedding bands in America. While the list is short, places from New York to Boston, to Dallas-Fort Worth to San Diego were mentioned.

And while we normally cover wedding band advice strictly in the area of Boston, we decided to open up the gates a little bit and congratulate the 14 other wedding bands that made the list.

The top 15 wedding bands in America – in the same order that NBC New York ranked them:

  1. New York – The Dexter Lake Club Band 
  2. Los Angeles – The Durell Coleman Band 
  3. Boston – Us – here at Big City Wedding Band
  4. Connecticut – Heartbeat Dance Band
  5. Miami – Juniors
  6. San Francisco – Busta-Groove
  7. Dallas-Fort Worth – Hunter Sullivan 
  8. San Diego – Wayne Foster Music 
  9. Washington, D.C. – J.P. McDermott and Western Bop
  10. Chicago – Josh and the Empty Pockets
  11. Philadelphia – Janis Nowlan Band
  12. Dallas-Fort Worth – Emerald City
  13. Chicago – High Society
  14. Boston – Groove Authority
  15. San Francisco – The Cheeseballs

If you want to visit the top 15 list yourself, check it out here at NBC New York!

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